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Seeking Educational Equity & Diversity (SEED) New Leaders' Week

SEED nominations are closed for this year. Congratulations to Brandi Scott for being selected to participate in the SEED New Leader's Week 2016!

Please check back for our 2018 dates.

The Equity in Excellence Steering Committee would like to invite all full-time faculty to apply for participation in the Seeking Educational Equity & Diversity (SEED) New Leaders' Week. The SEED New Leaders' Week is a seven-day, peer-led, residential workshop of educators, parents, and community leaders who are immersed in multicultural SEED materials and methods in preparation for leading year-long, monthly SEED seminars in their own schools and communities. As soon as all applications have been reviewed, we will contact you by email about whether you will be one of the three MSU Denver faculty, staff, or administrators selected to receive a grant in order to apply to the New Leaders' Week. If accepted to the SEED New Leaders' Week, MSU Denver will pay the costs of the seminar and travel costs to/from New Leaders' Week.


Read how the SEED experience has had an impact on an MSU Denver employee this past year:

"The SEED New Leaders’ training values one’s voice in the context of diversity, equity, oppression and privilege.  During this training week I was given the space to reflect and critically think about how this content rolls out in the classroom, at the workplace and in my own life.  At the same time, I shared this space with other colleagues learning valuable skills on how to facilitate courageous conversations around key topics such as the intersection of identity, race and gender for example.  A huge aha moment for me was the confidence I felt in using strategies and lesson planning to create e learning environment in the classroom where students can have a voice to ask questions, challenge and share their evolving story." —Dr. Liz Méndez-Shannon, Assistant Professor of Social Work

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