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Mission Statement

Inclusive Excellence promotes changes in policies, philosophies, standards and practices in order to increase cultural competence, inclusivity and equity throughout an organization. 

A 15-member evidence team of faculty, staff and administrators worked diligently to take stock of the many positive interventions currently occurring on campus that support equity for our students.  The Evidence Team disaggregated institutional data with the intent of finding places where equity gaps still exist, and then suggesting possible interventions that may help to reduce or eliminate those gaps. The process was first introduced in a @Metro article in April 2013 and later documented in November 2013.

The result of the Evidence Team’s work has been made public as the Equity Scorecard 2014.  Contrary to what the name suggests, the Scorecard does not provide a numerical evaluation of MSU Denver’s work on equity.  Instead, the Scorecard is a living document that details the phases of the year-long project and describes the study of interventions that was performed by the Evidence Team.  The MSU Denver Vital Signs Data Profile 2014 documents the data that informed the inquiry process.  The Scorecard records the outcomes of this inquiry process, and provides information that relates to the campus climate around equity for racial and ethnic minorities on campus.

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The Equity in Excellence project stresses institutional accountability over student responsibility.  The Scorecard is a testament to MSU Denver’s commitment to equity for all our students.  We encourage all visitors to this site to fully engage with the question of how we create equity in our campus community and to participate in the actions and interventions that will close equity gaps at our institution.  The Evidence Team hopes that the current project will encourage race consciousness and equity-minded practice in every corner of our work at MSU Denver.

Future actions will align with this mission.

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