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Complete and Certify Trainings

A step-by-step guide to completing and certifying the required trainings.


Step 1:

From the MSU Denver Home Page select the "Faculty & Staff" link at the top of the page.

Step 2:

Select the "Blackboard Learn" link under the Teaching & Learning heading.

Step 3:

Login with your MSU Denver NetID and Password.

Step 4:

Under My Courses there may be several courses listed select the training(s) that need to be completed and/or certified.

*Note that some training are titled similarly and may or may not apply to you in your role at MSU Denver.

Step 5:

After seceting the course follow the instructions listed to launch the training. This will open a new page.

Step 6:

Complete the training.

Step 7:

On the last page of the training there is a link that states "Certify your completion" for each training select this link to ceritify the training. This will open a new page.

Step 8:

To certify the completion of the training you will need to enter in the first part of your email address and your full 900 munber. 

Example: your email address is you would enter "jsmith"

Example: 900123456.

Step 9:

Select "Submit Query".

Step 10:

You will need to complete all nine steps to complete and certify each training.

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