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Metropolitan State University of Denver strives to diversify their employees. The following websites provide focused information on Focused Recuitment Efforts, Doctorate Producers and other interesting websites.



The PhD Project (See instructions below)

The National Registry of Diverse and Strategic Faculty  (See instructions below)

Jobs-Campus Compact

HBCU (Download PDF)

Women's Colleges and Universities (Download PDF)

Native American Colleges and Universities (Download PDF)

Organizations Useful for the Recruitment of Diverse Applicants (Download PDF)

Electronic Recruiting Resources (Download PDF)

Publications Addressing Diverse Populations (Download PDF)

Academic Diversity Search

An Online Guide to Graduate Schools


Access The PhD Project Network

Contact PhD Project members and conference applicants directly to recruit, and share information about your university’s programs and offerings.

  • The PhD Project Directory lists all of our Faculty and Doctoral Student members by university and includes their direct email addresses. Click here to access our Member Directory.
  • The PhD Project Conference Application Database consists of close to 1,000 applications received for this year’s annual conference, and indicates whether or not these individuals have been invited to attend the conference. To access this database (those who may be considering business doctoral studies, and many who do not have advanced degrees and might be potential MBA candidates). 


The National Registry of Diverse & Strategic Faculty  (The Registry)   -  The Registry is intended to be the singular resource for tenure track/academic ladder faculty members from underrepresented groups and for institutions of higher education seeking to hire highly accomplished and qualified candidates for open faculty positions.

As the only database of diverse and strategic faculty candidates supported by a major university, The Registry strives to provide the most diverse and qualified pool of faculty candidates to colleges and universities around the country.   

In order to access the directory go to www.the (make this link live)

  • Click on “Institution Login” page
  • Click on New User
  • Enter all required fields and click finished
  • Once you have registered, please log out
  • Go to column on the left and click Institution login
  • Log back in by using your name and password
  • You can now view candidates, post jobs and create alerts.
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