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Search and Screening Committee FAQ

A: Five people (including the search chair). Search committees should include a diverse representation of individuals who will have direct contact/interaction with this position.

A: No. However you do need to make a good faith effort to diversify committee members by race and gender.

A. Yes. For the hiring of faculty in the summer the committee can have no less than three members. All other exceptions must be cleared with the Equal Opportunity Office. E-mail Paul Hitchcock, Affirmative Action and Online Application Systems Coordinator, with your request ( and justification.  






A: You must attend once a year. If you are unsure if you have attended within one year, contact the Office of Equal Opportunity at 303-556-4746.

A: It is offered within the Office of Equal Opportunity. You can register through the MSU Denver events calendar located here.

A: An Affirmative Action Review is when the Equal Opportunity Office has reviewed your candidate pool and has identified qualified women or people of color who are not being brought forward for an interview.

Note: Per the University Affirmative Action Best Practice Guidelines, whenever a qualified woman or minority is not included in the interview process, it is required that the next level supervisor review the application materials of the applicant(s) to determine if they should be included in the interview process.

A: Yes, the search committee chair can do this prior to the first search committee meeting.  If the pool is large the committee chair may also assign each committee member a group of applicants to pre-screen for “required” qualifications. Use a qualitative work sheet or check list. Ask a member of the EO team for examples. 

A: If the application pool is small – 20 applicants or less – yes, all committee members must review all applications.

If the applicant pool is larger than 20 applicants, then no. Divide the pool equally by the number of committee members then, each committee member can review their assigned group of applicants, using a predetermined assessment tool agreed upon by the committee. Each committee member must then forward their top five to the committee for deliberation. Then all committee members must review the top candidates to determine who should be offered interviews. 

A: The Chair of the Committee can pull the Applicant Report listing the candidates from here.

Select “Form 2 Applicant List” to download in-depth instructions on how to print an applicant list.

A: Alert the Equal Opportunity Office and they may advise one of the options below:

1)    Extending the deadline date if the date to apply hasn’t passed and the system is still accepting applications.

2)    Re-advertising the position (EO will assist you with this).

3)    Closing the position and reposting the job on the online application system. This may involve changing the position duties and responsibilities, and qualifications to more accurately reflect the job which may garner a larger pool of applicants. If changes are made the position description will have to go through the PD approval process again. The position would then be posted and re-advertised.

4)    Other options may be available, consult with a member of the EO team. 

A: They are qualified to do the job if they meet all qualifications listed under “Required Qualifications” in the job description/announcement.

Initial review of each applicant must occur through use of an assessment tool.

If it is found that the applicant meets all qualifications listed under the “Required Qualifications” then they are deemed qualified and should be placed on Form 4 Qualified.  

Once initial review is conducted, these are the individuals that should be considered/evaluated for potential interviews using a rating tool comprised of the preferred qualifications. 

A: Required Qualifications are the skills and experience needed to be able to do the basic responsibilities of the job. These are the basic level skills or experience needed prior to working in the position. Therefore during initial screening, an applicant must have all “Required Qualifications” to be considered qualified and to be moved forward to be screened using the Preferred Qualifications.

Preferred Qualifications are the skills and experience that the ideal candidate would have to be able to exceed at doing the job. Applicants are assessed for preferred qualifications during the second screening process for potential interviews. Applicants do not need to have all preferred qualifications to be considered. 

A: The assessment tool needs to be developed and agreed upon by the committee prior to assessing the application materials. The assessment tool is created based on the “Preferred Qualifications” listed in the job description.  EO can provide examples of assessment tools upon request. 

A: Click here to view the list of downloadable Search Forms.

A: Form 1 – This is a list of all search committee members and their contact information.

Form 2 –Applicant Report; this is the  report the EO Office will pull that indicates the  Applicant Report with gender and ethnicity.

Form 3 –Unqualified Applicants report; this form includes all applicants who do not meet all “required qualifications” or who have been identified by the system as “System Det'd Did Not Meet Min Quals.”

Form 4 – Qualified Applicants report; this is a list of all applicants that meet all “required qualifications.”

Form 5 – Qualified but Not Interviewed report; from Form 4, based on the assessment of the Preferred Qualifications, the candidates listed here are qualified but not as qualified as the ones you would like to offer interviews to (see Form 6A and Form 6B). 

Form 6A – Phone Interview report (can be used for Skype Interviews); from Form 4, this is the list of applicants that will be offered phone interviews. The second page of this form is where justification is written in the summary statements for each candidate for choosing these individuals to interview. This is based on the required and/or preferred qualifications in the position description utilizing the assessment tool for scoring.   

Form 6B – On Campus Interview report; from Form 4 (OR form 6A if Phone Interviews have been completed) this is the list of applicants that will be offered on-campus interviews. Second page includes summary statements for each candidate stating why these candidates have risen to the top.  

Note: On-campus interviews are required, phone interviews are optional. If a candidate cannot be brought to campus, please call EO office to discuss options

Form 7 – Selection Report; from Form 6B - this is the list of finalist candidates. It includes the candidate(s) recommended for hire and those not recommended for hire, as well as summary statements on reasoning for the decision. The EO Office recommends selecting “Alternates,” on this form and stating as such next to the candidate’s names. 

A: When reviewing the summary statements for approval, EO looks to see if the statements reflect why the chosen candidates for interviews or as finalists, best meet the qualifications/duties/needs of the position over the ones that were not chosen.

A: This is based on assessment of the preferred qualifications. Then the committee deliberates over top candidates and determines together, who should be offered an interview.

A: The committee needs to develop the interview questions collaboratively based on the qualifications and duties of the position announcement/job description.

A:  The Search Committee Chair should have access to change the status of all applicants.

Note: If for some reason the PeopleAdmin system will not let you access the Applicant List or change statuses on applicants then please contact the Equal Opportunity Office for assistance at 303-556-4746.

A: Contact Equal Opportunity Office at 303-556-4746.

A: You do have the option to either hire someone who you have designated as an “Alternate” on Form 7 – Selection Report or you can go back and look in the pool of qualified applicants (Form 5 Qualified Not Interviewed or 6A Phone Interviews or 6B On Campus Interviews) to bring additional qualified applicants forward for interviews and/or selection.

Note: This is an option as long as you have not already sent them an email indicating that they are “no longer under consideration” and provided we have not already closed the search.  Please notify the Equal Opportunity Office if you wish to choose this option.

(Hint: designate an “Alternate” on Form 7; if you have more than one, then identify and rank them according to the recommendation of the Search Committee and/or Hiring Authority. Make sure that the individualized summary statements are included on the second page of Form 7 and reasoning for choices. )

A: No. Please contact Human Resources Office at 303-556-3120.

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