MSU Denver

Cross-collaborative hub providing ideas and strategies for retention


The council has conducted extensive research and worked diligently to identify short- and long-term retention plans that promote the success of MSU Denver students. The council has adapted to the current environment of learning and will be continuously re-evaluating their action plans to promote retention and to support MSU Denver students.


The council has identified three priority  strategies and action items to increase retention efforts for the upcoming year:

  • Faculty & Student Engagement
    • Calling Campaigns
    • Early Alert
  • First Year Retention Increase
    • Student Success Pilot Course
    • Peer Mentor Support
  • Financial Literacy
    • FAFSA awareness and completion initiatives



  • Nahum Kisner – Director of Student Support and Retention
  • Jason Janke – CLAS Associate Dean


  • Michael Nguyen – Director of Enrollment Management System and Operations
  • Stephanie Allen – Director of Advising Systems
  • Mark Baccei – Enrollment Management Research Analyst
  • Megan Hughes – Honors Program Director
  • Haley Kline – Online Program Development Manager
  • Gabriella Katz – Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science
  • Ally Garcia – Director of TRIO SSS, CESA
  • Matt Watson – Staff Writer from Marketing & Communications
  • Cipriana Patterson – Budget Director
  • Kevin Zeiler – Chair of the Health Professions Department
  • Megan Scherzberg – Director of Orientation, Transition, and Retention
  • Natascha Ambrose – Assistant Director Student Services
  • Sheryl Zajdowicz – Chair of Department of Biology