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2018 Writes of Spring Winners


Academic Essay
  1. “The Opposite of Agency”
  2. Brandy Joiner, “Neverland Nostalgia”
  3. Jessica Holman, “Hermione Granger and the Feminist Character”
Creative Nonfiction
  1. Nickolas A. Bridgeforth (SP) “In Defense of the Waltz”.
  2. Broderick Hartmann, “The Cough Heard Round the World”.
  3. Kemal Devlic, “The Color Yellow”. 
  1. Krista Berkey, “Monster"
  2. Ryan Flannigan, “The Marsh Gas”
  3. Nathanael Bryan, “Tyler is Human”

Honorable Mention: Brandy Joiner, “Unspoken”

  1. Heather Ehrenstrasser, “The Bird Lady”
  2. Carol Carbone, “A Dream”
  3. Claudia Nadine Marron, “Rarely Simple Simplicity”
  1. Rosie Burnham, “Roll With It”
  2. Will Hunter, “The Flowers”
  3. Patrick Logan Mohlman, “The Birthday”

Honorable Mention: Khaleel Herbert, “Trust Your Gut”

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