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Writes of Spring 2017 Winners



Academic Essay
  1. “Proxy Pleasure and Maintaining the Status Quo:  Django Unchained and the Art of Distraction” by Matt Passant
  2. “White Power, White Fantasy: The Racist Function of Interracial Cuckold Pornography” by Ashton Meilinger
  3. “Visual Metamorphosis: Trans-Figuring the Spectator” by Eleven Groothuis
    Honorable Mention “Choices” by Devon DeSmet
Creative Nonfiction
  1. “Floyd, the Man and the Hurricane” by Michelle Gurule
  2. “Wilt” by Hannah Stewart
  3. “Confirmation of Disbelief” by Janet Hernandez
    Honorable Mention “What the Future Holds” by Emily Jo Zimmermann
  1. “Excel in Hell” by D Joseph
  2. “The Suck Soul” by Ryan Flannigan
  3. “With Regards to Boise” by Matthew William Anderson
    Honorable Mentions “Death by Nothing” by Cassandra Sheehan Reid; “Apprentice of Dreams” by Brandy Joiner; and “Mort” by Tanya Maria Adams
  1. “Note to Self” by Ryan Flannigan
  2. “Etude in E Major” by Daniel Nelson
  3. “By Golly” by Christopher Robert Dillon
    Honorable Mentions “Impaired” by Brandy Joiner; “For Private Use” by Ashton Meilinger; “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” by Pamela Trayser;  “Diplomacy at the Butcher Shop” by John Wilhelm; and “Shared Insanity, Split Identity” by Tyler J. Simants
  1. “It Could Be Different” by Matthew William Anderson
  2. “Everyday Hero” by Joseph Hillam
  3. “Starving Artists: A Play” by Khaleel Herbert
    Honorable Mention “No Noose is Good Noose” by Will Hunter


Writes of Spring 2017 was organized by Dr. Jason Miller.

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