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Writes of Spring 2016 Winners



Academic Essay
  1. “Useful Artifacts: The Body as Text in Transploitation Cinema” by Eleven Groothuis
  2. “The Mystery of the Locked Door: Sleuths, Satan, and the ‘Bluebeards’ of Facebook and Twitter” by Emily Butler-Probst
  3. “Stanley Kubrick’s Decomposition of the Modern American Family: The Shining” by Ashton Meilinger
Creative Nonfiction
  1. “A Tale as Old as Time” by Kristen Macintyre
  2. “The Molecule Effect” by John Wilhelm
  3. “Flight Risk” by Matt Passant
  1. “Anything” by Michael Jaramillo
  2. “Real Life Dating in an Online World” by Laurie Willow Chandler
  3. “Ambiance” by Duane Elery Topping III 
  1. “Lullaby” by Michael Norris-Saucedo
  2. “Saviors” by Kaitlyn Spradling
  3. “Celery” by Alexander Ovick
  1. “Raucous of a Caucus (aka Politics-Chaucerian Style)” by Pamela Trayser
  2. “The Moon Views a Dandelion” by Lindsay Lake
  3. “Anti-Autobiography” by Laurie Willow Chandler


Many thanks to those that acted as judges.

Faculty Judges: Jim Aubrey; Jessica Parker; Kathy Deacon; Leslee Wright; Renee Ruderman; Rebecca Gorman-O’Neil; Jonathan Segelke; Wendolyn Weber; Theresa Crater; and Cynthia Kuhn 

Student Judges: Alessandra Ragussin;  Daniel Nelson; Emma Butler-Probst; Lindsey Lake; and Pamela Trayser


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