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Congrats 2015 Winners!

Thank you to all students who entered this year's contest. We received a very competitive field of entries. Please try again next year.

Academic Essay

  1. "The Watering Hole: an Observation of Confluence Park” by Chelsey Beatrice Leblanc
  2. “Melville’s Meditated Response to Transcendentalism: Maintaining Community amid Contemplation to Avert Narcissistic Destruction” by Emily Butler-Probst
  3. The Economics of Sense and Sensibility” by Pamela Trayser

Creative Nonfiction

  1. “The Great Flood” by Kristin Macintyre
  2. “Him” by Michael Jaramillo
  3. “Wonder Bread and Pickles” by Lindsay Lake


  1. “Kevorkian in Training” by Matthew William Anderson
  2. “A New Start” by Chelsea Lynn Pennock
  3. “A Girl, an Espresso Machine, and an Interview” by Keturah Barchers


  1. “One Day” by Taylor Thornton
  2. “A Parable” by Michael Norris-Saucedo
  3. “Ponderosa Pines” by Hannah Stewart


  1. “Bird Bath” by Kristin Macintyre
  2. “Theme for ENG 3521: An Homage to Langston Hughes” by Gillian Kumm
  3. “Train Ride” by Marissa Barnier

 Writes of Spring 2015 was organized by Drs. Jason Miller and Cynthia Kuhn.

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