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Congratulations 2014 Winners!

Thank you to all students who entered this year's contest. We received a very competitive field of entries. Please try again next year.

Academic Essay

  1. "Shackles of the Past" by Kenneth Nethken
  2. "Artistry and Creation: A Study of the Weaver and the Writer at the Loom&rdquo" by Rachel Lundstrom
  3. "The Significance of Hands in Paule Marshall's"
  4. "Praisesong for the Widow" by Kayla Bruno

Creative Nonfiction

  1. "Last Chance" by Kathryn Urice
  2. "Kicking Karma in the Balls: a Memoir" by Anna Royelle Dewey
  3. "Some Assembly Required" by Steven Page


  1. "Pidge on a Bench" by Russel Rodriguez
  2. "American Afterlife" by Colleen Kellogg
  3. "The Death of Chaucer, Eek the Pope&rdquo" by Kathlyn Grace Meyer


  1. "Worms" by Maria Getto
  2. "DD.MM.YYYY" by Mark Trujillo
  3. "Or Give Me Death" by Kyle Pierce


  1. "Mnemonikos" by Katherine Polley
  2. "As though I were beautiful" by Ashley Ives
  3. "Text Message to Send When I Die" by Katherine Urice


Coordinated by Drs. Jason Miller and Leslee Wright

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