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Congratulations 2013 Winners!


Academic Essay

  1. “Charles Dickens and the Sublimity of Squalor: Industrial Boundlessness and Hegemonic Spaces in Bleak House” by Erienne Romaine
  2. “Life and Creation in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse” by Elizabeth Croswhite
  3. “Contractarianism: From Yesterday to Today” by Benjamin Hand-Bender

Creative Nonfiction

  1. “I Wish Roses Lasted Forever” by Courtney Maupin
  2. “Tangled Roots” by Paul Joda
  3. “From Nothing” by Cheryl Upshaw


  1. “A Drama in E Minor” by Steven Page
  2. “Just Stop Talking” by Stephanie V. Coleman
  3. “Your Good Intentions Will Be the Death of Me” by Devin Strauch
    Honorable Mention: “About Last Night” by Chris Erwin


  1. “A Retired Prizefighter” by Chris Doxtator  
  2. “Chance Encounters” by Amina Chaudhry 
  3. “The Missing Link” by Nicholas MacDonnell
    Honorable Mention: “Monkshod” by Cameron Douglas"
    Honorable Mention: “My First, My Last…My God” by Gardell Neal, Jr.


  1. “Style Shifting and Perceived Relative Social Standing Between Speakers” by Matthew Boisvert
  2. “Schizophrenia and Language Disorders” by Barbara Cloutier
  3. “The Use of Minority as a Euphemism” by Rhiannon Hardiman


  1. “The Lake Steam Baths” by A. Therese Samson Wenham
  2. ”Ode to Boyish Men” by Karina Webber
  3. “Music Explains His Own Creation at the Hands of the Oboist” by Matthew Kepler
    Honorable Mention: “Blood Promenade” by Katherine Polley

Coordinator: Dr. Jason Miller

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