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Writes of Spring Winners 2012

Congratulations 2012 Winners!

Academic Essay

  1. “Ocean Reveries in Red Hell: The Paradox of Whaling in Moby-Dick” by Erienne Romaine
  2. “Handle with Care; Curiosity and Reason in Paradise Lost” by Molly Martin
  3. “Gossiping with Non-Human Primates and the Evolution of Human Language” by Anna Dewey

 Creative Nonfiction

  1. “To Be Seen” by Kathryn Vrice
  2. “Solo” by Maria Getto
  3. “Bald Chinese Men Wearing Dresses” by Patrick Hurley


  1. "There Once Was a Writer Named Hank…" by Patrick Hurley
  2. "Mission Impassible" by Jean Egdorf
  3. "I Am/I Will" by Colleen Kellogg


  1. “Asylum” by Jacob Simon-Blum
  2. “Fat Like Me” by Jason Parker
  3. “The Cubist” by Caleb Tardio
    Honorable Mention. “Banana Bread” by Kile Clabaugh


  1. “Prescriptivism v. Descriptivism" by Michele Andersen-Heroux
  2. “Preposition Standing” by Colin Pitet


  1. “Superstition” by Sebastian Doherty
  2. “Can’t Hold Onto…” by Jene Conrad
  3. “Frozen Embers” by Molly Martin
    Honorable Mention. “Our Goat’s Island  Honorable Mention” by A.Therese Samson Wenham
    Honorable Mention. “If You Wanted” by Kathryn Vrice
    Honorable Mention. “Ritual” by Michelle Gebhart

Coordinator: Dr. Jason Miller

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