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Degree Programs

The English major may choose an emphasis in one of the following: 

  • Open Major/No Concentration
  • Literature
  • Writing
  • Secondary Education, leading to licensure.

The English minor may choose an emphasis in one of the following:

  • Literature
  • Writing
  • Film and Media Studies
  • Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Writing

The linguistics major combines studies in language and society with linguistic diversity.

The linguistics minor may choose an emphasis in either linguistics or language.

Majors and Minors: Find more advising information on our degree programs and course offerings.

MSU Denver English Department faculty members develop professionally, maintaining currency in the curricula they teach and in their scholarly and creative work leading to various forms of publication and presentation. They serve the University and community by volunteering in schools or other organizations by sharing with their fellow citizens the insights of teacher-scholars educated in the tradition of the liberal arts.

Our mission is inclusive and student-centered, reflecting the variety of disciplines housed within our department and our commitment to honoring the diversity of our student body. We recognize the wide variety of roles our students fulfill in their daily lives, and we are committed to providing them with a meaningful and relevant educational experience. Accordingly, our mission is to:

  • prepare our students effectively for further education or the careers of their choice;
  • support and encourage excellent and innovative teaching by all our faculty;
  • affirm the diverse nature of our students through inclusive excellence in our pedagogy and curriculum;
  • maintain and develop programs consistent with our teaching and research expertise in the broader Denver community in order to serve our community;
  • encourage and support the research, creative productions, and publications of our faculty members to provide a richer classroom experience, including opportunities for students to participate in faculty research projects; and
  • work with faculty in other departments, colleagues in other institutions, and the administration to continue to provide the best learning experience for our students.

MSU Denver English Department embraces the University's mission of inclusive excellence and strives to offer courses that value diversity in all its forms: race and ethnicity, gender, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, religion, socioeconomic class, national origin and nationality, linguistic diversity, age, disabilities, individual differences, and cultural affiliations.

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