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College of Letters, Arts and Sciences Student Policies

Register Early for English Classes

We want each student to learn as much as possible and to do as well as possible—and those outcomes truly depend on attending class from the very beginning of term.

Therefore, please choose your classes as early as you can and consider your choices carefully in consultation with your advisor.  In the last few years most of our composition courses have been completely full by two weeks before the beginning of term.  Most of our classes for English majors and minors fill even earlier.  Once classes are mostly full, it remains possible to drop a class, but it becomes almost impossible to add a different class or a different section of the same class in the Department of English. The English Department creates wait-lists only for select classes.  Individual professors cannot sign students. Please don’t lose your possibility of completing a class or a graduation requirement by attempting to change the section for which you are already registered for a section that you may prefer based on time of day or other considerations because once classes are full, dropping your existing section will be easy, but adding a section will be extremely difficult.  In addition, the seat you vacate will very likely be taken by the time you want to return to your original section.

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