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Register Early for English Classes

We want each student to learn as much as possible and to do as well as possible—and those outcomes truly depend on attending class from the very beginning of term.

Therefore, please choose your classes as early as you can and consider your choices carefully in consultation with your advisor. Advisors are able to guide you to which requirements you need to graduate, and ensure that your course choices are the best ones for you.

Many courses in the English Department fill well before the start of classes. Once classes are full, it remains possible to drop a class, but it is difficult to add a different class or switch to a different section of the same class. The English Department creates wait-lists only for select classes. If you chose to drop a class, please be aware that the open space in the class may be taken by another student, and you may not be able to add the class again.

Professors are unable to sign students up for classes. If you have any difficulty with registration for classes, please contact Dr. Jessica Parker for First-Year Writing classes (ENG 1008, 1009, 1010, 1020, or 1021). For all other English and Linguistics classes, contact the professor of the course or the Department Chair, Prof. Rebecca Gorman O’Neill.

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