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Employment Programs

Metropolitan State University of Denver is committed to enhancing its diversity among faculty and administrators. To accomplish these goals, the University uses the Target of Opportunity Program (TOP) and the Faculty Recruitment Incentive Program (FRIP). MSU Denver implements these programs to encourage the hiring of diverse faculty and administrators with regards to race/ethnicity, gender, veteran status, and people with disabilities in the specific departments and/or positions where individuals in these categories are underutilized.

Faculty Recruitment Incentive Program (FRIP)‌

The Faculty Recruitment Incentive Program (FRIP)‌ is designed to increase diversity at MSU Denver by: encouraging MSU Denver academic departments currently engaged in the screening and selection of faculty to aggressively seek/invite applications from and hire faculty from classes underrepresented in the department, the school or University as a whole for such positions; Stimulating those same activities in all departments where underutilization exists; Providing a vehicle to promote faculty recruitment activities in departments experiencing reasonably stable or slow growth in enrollments, but are unable to secure additional regular faculty positions through currently implemented policies and procedures; and Promoting the professional development of faculty by facilitating the completion of graduate course work and other appropriate academic pursuits leading to a terminal degree in their discipline.

Target of Opportunity Program (TOP)‌

The Target of Opportunity Program (TOP)‌ has been designed to increase the number of qualified diverse faculty/administrators and to attract outstanding teaching faculty to MSU Denver. This will be done by providing extra resources and flexible recruiting/hiring procedures. This program addresses the need to have more flexible recruitment/hiring strategies through less time consuming procedures in order to effect appointments that address the aforementioned priorities of the University. This program does not take the place of the established appointment program, but is an alternative to it under circumstances where it is authorized. Its implementation will be determined each year as a result of analysis of the University priorities and budget.

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