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Frequently Asked Questions



A) Imminent emergencies such as, but not limited to, fire, tornado, inclement weather, hazardous materials spill, criminal activity or an act of violence.

A) Yes. But please also refer to TV, radio, broadcast messages, and the emergency hotline (303-556-3637). 

A) At this time, the emergency notification service is only being offered to currently enrolled students, faculty and staff of. A valid email address must be entered to register with the system.

A) The Emergency Notification System is a text messaging system, but there are other ways the University will notify you such as email and

A) Neither MSU Denver nor RAVE will assess charges for this service; however, depending on your agreement with your mobile phone provider, you may incur charges if you opt to receive SMS text messages. Please check with your provider to understand your charges.

A) It depends on the situation, but this system is designed to get the information out very quickly.

A) If your mobile phone number changes, update your information in Banner. Visit the Student Hub and click "Main Menu" to access Banner. 

In you need assistance, visit the ITS Helpdesk website or call 303-352-7548.  


A) A carrier change to your phone service may interrupt your ability to receive an emergency notification for a time, but should be handled automatically by the system.

In you need assistance, visit the ITS Helpdesk website or call 303-352-7548. 

A) Yes. If you update your personal information through Banner Self Service, the information also will be uploaded to the ENS each semester. If you need an immediate update, contact the ITS Helpdesk at 303-352-7548. 

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In Case of Emergency

Dial 911

Auraria Police Non-emergency:


Inclement Weather Line:


Mental Health/Victim Assistance Crisis Line:


Counseling Center:


Health Center at Auraria:


Emergency Procedures Auraria Campus