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What is an Emergency Notification System (ENS)?

MSU Denver’s Emergency Notification System (ENS), a system provided by RAVE Mobile Safety, is a communications tool that plays a critical role in keeping people safe before, during and after any emergency on campus.

As a student, faculty or staff member, you will contacted in a campus emergency via email and text message (if you have provided a mobile device number) through MSU Denver's ENS. 

All of the institutions on the Auraria Campus are part of this system, which will also alert you if there is a campus closure due to inclement weather.

Visit the RAVE Alerts site to:

  • add or update mobile device numbers
  • add additional email addresses to receive alerts

RAVE Alerts website >


For question regarding RAVE Alerts and the ENS system please contact the ITS Helpdesk at: or call 303-352-7548.


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In Case of Emergency

Dial 911

Auraria Police Non-emergency:


Inclement Weather Line:


Mental Health/Victim Assistance Crisis Line:


Counseling Center:


Health Center at Auraria:


Emergency Procedures Auraria Campus