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Emergency Notification Procedure

Along with the ENS, MSU Denver follows the Auraria Higher Education Center campus emergency preparedness procedures, policies and standards.
Auraria’s telephone notification system is also used in emergencies, sending a broadcast message to all campus phones.

After the ENS system has been activated, the MSU Denver Marketing and Communications office will implement the following procedures:

1. Information about the “EMERGENCY ALERT IN PROGRESS”  will be displayed on the MSU Denver homepage  as a virtual notification.


2. Virtual audiences will be alerted through Facebook and Twitter accounts.


3. Faculty, staff and students will receive an urgent email message to their addresses.


In addition, faculty and staff are asked to assist with emergency notification through verbal announcements in their classrooms and labs.

Once the alert has been lifted by the proper authorities, the “EMERGENCY ALERT IN PROGRESS” information will be removed from the University homepage.


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In Case of Emergency

Dial 911

Auraria Police Non-emergency:


Inclement Weather Line:


Mental Health/Victim Assistance Crisis Line:


Counseling Center:


Health Center at Auraria:


Emergency Procedures Auraria Campus