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If you can read this sentence, thank your kindergarten teacher

There may never be a more rewarding career than teaching children. As difficult a task as it is, witnessing a class of kindergartners develop into successful learners is why teachers love their job. Teaching at any level is hard, but as long as you’re dedicated, a degree in Elementary Education from MSU Denver can make it easier. 

To teach others effectively, you must practice with feedback and reflection. You also must understand the differences and commonalities in how kids develop socially, emotionally and cognitively to adapt your lesson plan to every learning style. Our licensure program includes a yearlong residency, allowing you hundreds of hours of real-world experience with the best teachers and schools in the Denver area. Our professors monitor their students throughout the program to ensure that the licensure standards are met. 

MSU Denver’s Elementary Education program reinforces theoretical background so you can teach effectively throughout your career. With five concentrations to choose from, you’ll be able to spread knowledge in areas you’re passionate about. If you have the patience, diligence and devotion to educating, you can learn the rest of the required skill set while studying at MSU Denver. 

Candid photo of Lisa Nolan
"MSU Denver allows you to be who you are and gives you the wings to enjoy the journey while embracing that journey with a diverse community of people from all walks of life who will someday 'make the difference' in a child’s life by teaching, inspiring and motivating."

Lisa Nolan

MSU Denver Alum & Principal at Lasley Elementary

Career Prospects

MSU Denver Elementary Education graduates have been hired by many of the Denver area’s major urban and suburban school districts.

Krista Griffin_Elementary Education
She is a former director of a nonprofit child care center and previous primary and multi-age classroom teacher. She serves on national committees for the International Literacy Association and is the author of “Listening to the Voices of Boys: Exploring the Motivation of Primary Boys to Engage in Reading.”

Krista Griffin

Professor of Elementary Education

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