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EDW Report Catalogs

Currently there are over 240 reports available in the EDW with new reports continuing to be developed to support departments and individuals across the university. To provide an easy way to browse the reports currently available through the EDW, several comprehensive report catalogs are continuously being updated. Reports are listed in report catalogs based on their main subject area.

The report catalogs list all approved and verified reports currently available in the EDW. Reports not listed in the catalogs have not been approved or verified by the EDW. While you may be able to view all report catalogs, only users with the appropriate permissions can view reports in the EDW.

   Data Glossary & Data Dictionary

To help develop a common set of data definitions across the university, the EDW publishes its glossary for data elements and data dictionary. The glossary provides descriptions for data elements used in reports. The data dictionary details what source each data element came from and where the data is stored in the EDW.

EDW Data Glossary


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