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Help & FAQs

For more in-depth training and information on using the EDW, download the EDW Training Manual .


The EDW is accessible to faculty and staff that have been granted access by the EDW team. Once granted acess, you will be able to view and use reports in the EDW.

If working remotely, you need to first connect to GlobalProtect.

  1. Open the EDW in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome using the 'Access the EDW' button.
  2. Change the authentication type from Enterprise to Windows AD. Enter you NetID username and password.

Once you have logged into the EDW, you will be able to view all public folders to that you have permissions to view. The folder structure in the EDW works similarly to the folder structure of a Windows or Mac computer. To open folders or reports, double click the folder or report. To expand or contract a folder, click the plus or minus symbol to its left.

The following process is an easy way to filter a report on a unique list of Student ID’s. This process is limited to 1,000 Student ID’s (900 #’s) at a time.

  1. Paste IDs from excel into MS Word as text (if your student id’s are in an excel format or csv)
  2. In MS Word, do a find/replace:  Find Carriage Return as “^p” and replace with “;”
  3. Select All Student IDs and Copy (ctrl A, ctrl C)
  4. Paste IDs into yellow highlighted box below and then arrow over with “>” button, then select “ok"



  1. Click on the question mark (?) icon on the left-hand side of the report.
  2. Select the new parameters you want to use and hit the 'Run' button.

Want More Training?

If you would like to request additional training, contact the EDW team to schedule personal training with an EDW team member. 


Trouble Accessing the EDW?

Make sure you are connected to GlobalProtect and try opening the EDW in another browser. If you are still unable to open the EDW, close all windows and restart your machine. If you are still unable to connect to the EDW after restarting your machine, please contact the EDW team.

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