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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this opportunity won't be available in January 2021, but stay tuned for its return.

Through an innovative partnership between the MSU Denver School of Education (SOE) and Zurich University of Teacher Education (ZUTE), a small group of SOE Elementary Education majors in their residency year will have a unique opportunity to teach and learn for a short time in one of the finest school systems in the world.

At the three-week Winter School in Switzerland, SOE students will meet and work with other teacher education students from around the world and learn about the Swiss education system, with a focus on teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language (TEFL/TESOL). Under the supervision of partners in ZUTE, SOE students will practice teach in Swiss schools and learn about Swiss life, their political system, and their world-class education system. Students will also have opportunities to experience weekend excursions to St. Moritz and other parts of the country. Although students will have opportunities for fun, most of their time will be spent with teacher education students from other countries in learning how Swiss teachers conduct class, plan lessons, and work with children from all over Europe. Students will be immersed in public school classrooms where the primary language is German, although Swiss students either know or are learning English as well.

“This program is absolutely world class!”
- Erica C., University of California, Santa Barbara

“I have a Swiss family now. I will come back to visit them next year!”
- Michael J., Monash University, Melbourne
“I have grown not only as a teacher but as a person.”
- Frances S., Monash University, Melbourne

The two to four SOE students who are selected for Winter School understand that they will be ambassadors of MSU Denver and SOE. They will share their experiences through blogs and other venues, and, upon return, will share their reflections of and conclusions about Swiss schools in comparison to American schools. Importantly, they will have an immediate impact on schools and children here as they step into their own residency/student teaching classrooms in the Denver area when they return – and, eventually, into their own classrooms when they graduate as licensed teachers in Colorado.

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for SOE students will provide students an experience that will positively impact their professional development as teachers, as well as their future students.

Winter School 2019 will take place January 12th through February 1st, 2019.


The Winter School Experience comes with a cost, though, and the students could use your help. The cost of Winter School is approximately $1670 per student (CHF 1’590) plus airfare. The costs include:

  • Accommodation
  • Swiss Travel Flex Pass with 8 days free use of public transportation in Switzerland
  • Meals with host family on working days, lunch at ZUTE in the first week
  • Welcome drink and dinner, farewell snack
  • Trip to Berne, guided tour of Zurich, train fare for optional trip to Lucerne
  • Weekend trip to Engadin/St. Moritz mountain area, including tasting of a typical Swiss cheese fondue

Additional expenses include:

  • Travel to Switzerland and entry requirements (Tourist Schengen visa for Switzerland / Germany etc.)
  • Insurance coverage
  • Meals and drinks not explicitly included in program fee
  • Personal expenses
  • (The MSU Denver Office of International Studies and the SOE will help students address any visa and insurance requirements.)

With a donation of $2200, you will sponsor one student, but any amount is greatly appreciated.


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