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To be accepted into Student Teaching/Residency toward the end of your program, you must have a GPA of 2.75 or higher in the specific courses required for licensure in your program.

The following worksheets will indicate which courses are required for each major/licensure combination as well as for each post-baccalaureate program. The appropriate worksheet should be updated as you complete classes each semester. Upon completion, you will upload the worksheet as part of application process for Student Teaching/Residency.

You should keep this worksheet up to date throughout your time in this program.  It is your responsibility to make sure your GPA meets the requirement by the time you are ready to apply for student teaching.  Ideally, you should be keeping your Advising Guide up to date with your advisor(s) every semester, and the information you enter on your GPA calculation worksheet should match the information your advisor has approved on the program plan.  This will make it much easier for your advisor to verify your credits/grades/substitutions toward the end of your program.  Also, please remember that all courses on these worksheets must be a grade of "C-" or higher to count toward the licensure program.  

Instructions for GPA Worksheets

Instructions for each worksheet are embedded in the workbook.  When you open the file, the first thing you will see are the instructions.  Please read them thoroughly and carefully.  Also, please note that these new GPA worksheets will calculate plus/minus grades accordingly.  

If the classes on the worksheet do not match up with the requirements for your program (this can happen with students who are completing a program under an older catalog), contact Brian Gunther for assistance.

Also, please remember that this is not a substitute for your program plan/advising guide. The courses on these worksheets are only the courses that count toward your GPA. There may be additional courses required for your major or general studies, and courses required for licensure that are graded in a way that does not factor into your GPA.

We recommend Microsoft Excel 2013 or newer for use with these worksheets.  Older versions will work, but are not ideal. 

*PLEASE NOTE: "A+" Grades will now calculate on the GPA Calculation Worksheets.  "A+" and "A" are each worth 4 points per credit.  


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