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Roadrunner Diversity Scholars Program logo.ROADRUNNER DIVERSITY SCHOLARS PROGRAM

The Roadrunners Diversity Scholars Program (RDSP) is an academic enrichment scholarship program designed to support the recruitment and retention of underrepresented, Pell eligible, and first-generation undergraduate students in MSU Denver’s School of Education (SOE). The program will support student scholars in their pursuit of academic and professional goals. Click here to learn more and determine your eligibility and the application process. The program offers connection and support through scholarships, organized social and cultural activities, networking, faculty mentorship, and intentional and consistent advising for academic and professional development.


The Roadrunner Diversity Scholars Project supports the recruitment, retention, academic success and career preparation of underrepresented, Pell-eligible, and first-generation undergraduate students. This program demonstrates one distinctive approach for the School of Education's commitment to promoting justice through diversity, equity and inclusion and supporting students in meeting academic and professional goals.


The vision of the Roadrunner Diversity Scholars Program is to support the recruitment and retention of student scholars enrolled in School of Education Teacher Preparation Programs.  Research and experience both demonstrate that underrepresented racial/ethnic minority students perform better academically and are more likely to experience academic success when they are part of a cohort of others who share similar social identities. This premise/understanding is central to the mission of the Roadrunners Diversity Scholars Program. The program connects students to a small community within the School of Education to provide an active and engaged social and professional network. Students participate in activities that offer space to share experiences, practice civic engagement through extracurricular activities, and participate in opportunities that enhance their readiness for careers in education and/or graduate studies. This includes career preparation activities beyond what is offered in classroom curriculum, opportunities to connect and engage with professionals in the community, leadership experience, and active membership in a growing social and professional network of RDSP alumni.

RDSP scholars are expected to engage in the following social, service learning, professional development and cultural activities.

Applying for Scholarships

Scholars are expected to apply for scholarships during the yearly scholarship application cycle. 

Social Activities

RDSP students are expected to attend three RDSP wide activities:  which will be determined annually but typically occur in early September, in February, and an event in May. In addition, each RDSP scholar is expected to meet on a regular basis under the direction of the RDSP Directors/Advisors.

Cultural Events

All RDSP Scholars are required to attend at least one multicultural co-curricular event at MSU per semester.  We accept any events hosted at MSU that have a focus on one or more elements of multicultural identities, diversity, equity, & inclusion.  We strongly recommend attending an event organized and hosted by the MSU Office of Diversity & Inclusion. More direction will be given as events arise.

Professional Development

RDSP Directors will organize and connect you to professional development workshops in which scholars are expected to participate at least one per semester. Events hosted specifically for the School of Education students are key here (Trauma-Informed Practices (TIP) training, interview workshop by the Office of Clinical Experiences & Partnerships (OCEP), etc). 


The RDSP is open to all undergraduate students enrolled in an School of Education teacher preparation program. Preference will be given to:

  • Underrepresented racial and ethnic minority groups (Black/African American, Native Hawaiian/Asian Pacific Islander, Asian/Asian American, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Latinx/Hispanic)
  • First-generation college students (meaning that neither of your parents earned a college degree)
  • Students with high financial need as defined by Pell Grant eligibility (which is determined by your FAFSA submission to the University)

Applications for the 2021-2022 academic year are open now.  Click the button below to apply today!



The RDSP is actively seeking support and commitment from donors. This support will allow the program to consistently offer students financial assistance through scholarships. Though other facets of the program are crucial to the success of our students, financial support is equally as important and a primary goal.

Please use the following link to provide a one-time or recurring gift.  If you are interested in becoming an endowed scholarship donor, please contact Allyssa Joseph in University Advancement.

We look forward to strengthening the RDSP through your generous support.



The Roadrunner Diversity Scholars Program serves all academic departments in the School of Education (SOE) at MSU Denver. Part of this service includes curating cultural events to build community, proactive advising and mentorship within each department, and connection to and planning of professional development opportunities. These duties are performed by the SOE's Diversifying the Teacher Workforce Committee collectively at times, but with the direction of the following Co-Directors and Advisors.

Please feel free to reach out to any of our staff if you have questions about this program.

Dr. Philip E. Bernhardt
Secondary Education

West Classroom, 132F

Dr. Ofelia Schepers
Elementary Education and Literacy

West Classroom, 136C

Dr. Dorothy Shapland
Early Childhood Education


West Classroom, 162C

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