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Once you have obtained your Colorado teacher’s license, you may decide to add additional areas of endorsement to your license. Doing so will greatly increase your marketability as a potential teacher and help you find a job. In the State of Colorado, there are two different ways to obtain an added endorsement on your teacher’s license. Please read the following information to better understand your options for added endorsements.

Additional Endorsement Based on Completion of an Approved Program

Educators seeking to add a second or subsequent endorsement area to their Colorado licenses may do so through the completion of a state-approved program offered by an institution of higher education. The college or university provides advisement concerning specific requirements for the new endorsement. The MSU Denver School of Education offers two Approved Programs for added endorsement:

The course sequence required for these endorsements was developed by MSU Denver’s School of Education and approved by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). Upon meeting the requirements and completing these approved programs, MSU Denver will provide an institutional recommendation which you will include in your added endorsement application to CDE. It is highly recommended that you schedule an appointment with a School of Education Advisor who specializes in the specific content area of the endorsement prior to registering for classes. Request an advising appointment through our Advising page.

Additional Endorsement Based On Credit and Assessment

Teachers seeking to add a second or subsequent endorsement to their Colorado teaching license may do so through a combination of academic preparation, experience, and assessment. Please refer to the CDE website for more details.

CDE Added Endorsements by Credit and Assessment



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