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Summit 2015 Recap

At our inaugural Education Summit, participants representing educational communities across the greater Denver area were asked to share something they thought should be, must be, celebrated about MSU Denver’s teacher preparation. Here are some of the responses from the 150+ attendees:

"I am a Metro Grad-Class of ’84! I was a non-traditional student and my experience was simply amazing. I had great instructors and advisors who encouraged me to achieve and go on when I thought I could not continue or succeed. Now I am so lucky to be supervising some of MSU Denver’s student teachers!"

"MSU Denver is leading the way for helping minority students achieve and for equitable teaching practices for all students. They are also helping certify teachers who mirror the demographics of the students in today’s classrooms."

"Everyone involved in teacher education at MSU Denver really CARES. Faculty, staff, and students are all passionate about what they are doing and WHY."

"Teachers in the metro area always tell me that they are thrilled to have MSU Denver students as student teachers because these prospective teachers are so very well prepared!"

"MSU Denver embodies (and embraces) the diversity of their student population and affirms the value of that diversity in every possible way."

"I was very thankful to my MSU Denver professors and my field experiences. Every professor gave me the support and knowledge I needed to succeed in the classroom setting."

"MSU Denver’s Alternative Licensure Program for Special Education has graduated about 400 teachers in 13 years, many of whom are now leaders in their schools and districts."

"All of the k-12 licensure students with whom I have worked at MSU Denver are among the top 5% (in my home department) both in terms of their academic achievement and their beliefs about teaching as a career. They are the BEST I have met from any institution."

"As a student teaching supervisor, I can say the quality and amount of supervision given to students is thorough, serious, and very reflective. This helps to make MSU Denver student teachers incredibly well prepared (and superior, in my opinion)."

The second component of this year’s Education Summit theme, “Celebrating the Past and Shaping the Future of the MSU Denver School of Education,” was the center of exciting and productive discussion. Working as table groups, with School of Education faculty as facilitators, Summit attendees were asked to weigh in on two important questions around the characteristics of effective teachers and the experiences that best prepare teachers for today's classrooms.

Using Poll Everywhere and iPads, facilitators captured the attendees’ responses, which were then pooled and transformed into wordles representing the frequently recurring themes/concepts.

The insights shared by Summit attendees will play a significant role in helping the School of Education define and construct a set of strategic priorities for the future of teacher preparation at MSU Denver.

1) What characteristics of new teachers best contribute to teaching effectiveness?

2) What MSU Denver School of Education experiences could better prepare educators for today’s schools?


Photo Credit: Amanda Barrel

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