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News Articles and Mentions Featuring the MSU Denver School of Education:

2/6/20: Dr. Ingrid Carter interviewed in article about Mindful pedagogy (MSU Denver RED)

1/28/20: Janelle Johnson interviewed in article about Most and Least Educated States in America (WalletHub)

11/8/19: New Early Childhood Education Residency Program featured in article (KUNC)

11/4/19: Drs. Sue Ahrendt and Ingrid Carter featured in article focused on STEM Education (MSU Denver RED)

8/6/19: Dr. Kathryn Young quoted in article about 1 Book/1Project/2 Transform Learning Guide (MSU Denver Early Bird)

4/26/19: Dr. Rosemarie Allen featured in story on ABC story about Disney censoring streaming content (ABC News)

4/8/19: Dr. Kathryn Young quoted in article about 1 Book/1 Project/2 Transform (MSU Denver Early Bird)

3/15/19: Dr. Kathryn Young and Secondary Education student Lanie Novack quoted in article (MSU Denver RED)

12/17/18: Metro State Grad Pursues Dream Of Teaching Kindergarten (CBS)

8/31/18: Dr. Elizabeth Hinde featured in article about teaching history. (MSU Denver RED)

7/5/18: Dr. Nhu Nguyen featured in article about reduction of recess for school children (MSU Denver Insider)

6/5/18: Physicasl Education Teacher Education Instructor Bryan Wickoren Honored as 7Everyday Hero (7 News)

6/4/18: Elizabeth Hinde, Dean, featured in article about MSU Denver faculty, chairs, and deans and their involvement in legislative changes in Colorado (MSU Denver Insider)

1/22/18: Dr. Nhu Nguyen quoted in story about local school districts cutting down on recess (9 news)

10/30/17: Dr. Todd Reimer interviewed and quoted in article about teaching social justice in Aurora school. (Aurora Sentinal)

9/25/17: Dr. Dorothy Shapland interviewed in WalletHub's 2017's Best Places to Raise a Family in Colorado article. (WalletHub)

8/25/17: Dr. Rebecca Canges was interviewed for a story about vision therapy preparing students for academic success. (9News) 

8/24/17: Dr. Dorothy Shapland appears in 9News story about Elephant Learning app that gets kids excited about math (9News)

4/20/17: President Jordan acknowledged by State Senators for establishing the School of Education (MSU Denver)

3/23/17: Dr. Nhu Nguyen interviewed by 9News regarding federal guidelines for more recess time. (9News)

2/28/17: Dr. Elizabeth Hinde spoke to 9News regarding legislation supporting a change in 9th grade testing. (9News)

2/1/2017: Dean Hinde Recognized for Signing Declaration of Principles for Justice and Equity in Education (MSU Denver)

11/17/16: Dr. Philip Bernhardt quoted in article about new equity ratings in Denver Public Schools  (Chalkbeat)

10/10/16: Dr. Rosemarie Allen Featured in Article On Racial Bias Among Pre-School Teachers (Chalkbeat)

9/26/16: Dr. Ann Morrison was quoted in an article about the technology implications for students with special needs who take the PARCC exams. (Chalkbeat)

7/12/16: Art created by students at Normandy Elementary School is on permanent display in the School of Education (MSU Denver)

4/5/16: More coverage of Rosemarie Allen's work on racial disparities in preschool discipline. RMPBS Interview on YouTube, Black Matters article.

3/24/16: Double coverage: Rosemarie Allen on tackling racial disparities in preschool discipline, covered by Chalkbeat.

10/29/15: Dr. Peg Fraser Delivers Keynote Speach at International Conference on Research and Education (MSU Denver)

10/1/15: Dean Hinde on lack of diversity in the teaching profession (Chalkbeat)

8/1/15: Dr. Philip Bernhardt on New School Opening (Denver Public Schools)

3/18/15: Dr. Philip Bernhardt on Opt-Out Movement (Chalkbeat)

1/15/15: Drs. Kathryn Young and Myron Anderson on Microaggressions in the workplace (Times Higher Education)

6/8/15: Dr. Lupe Martinez Interview (MSU Denver)

11/11/14: Dean Hinde Interview (Chalkbeat)

10/13/14: Founding Dean of the School of Education (Chalkbeat)

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