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Who or what inspired you to become a teacher?

This is a question that I always enjoy answering because I think of the time when I came to the United States. I was sixteen years old and I went straight to my last year of high school. As a teenager and newcomer, I was very shy, timid and scared coming to a new country and a new culture. However, a teacher named Mr. Ferreyra, an ESL teacher, made a huge impact in my life. He did not only make me feel welcomed, but he believed in me as a student and not only with me but with the rest of the students as well. Mr. Ferreyra spent extra time helping me with homework from other classes. I can say that I graduated thanks to him, because there was no way, especially because I did not speak the language. He made a difference in my student career in this country. Because of that inspiration, I decided to help other students by becoming a teacher.

What do you love about MSU Denver?

MSU Denver is like my second home because of the amount of the time I spend here, and like any other home, I feel comfortable. Everyone here is very friendly and the teachers are always willing to help me. Most of all, I love that if I have any questions I know that I can go to the School of Education offices and they can help me with anything I need. I feel very fortunate to be a student here at MSU, which is also a beautiful campus.

How do you see yourself making a difference in your community?

I truly believe that education will make a difference in all students’ lives and futures. As a future teacher, I believe in supporting students and providing greater learning opportunities. I want to help them to be better prepared as they leave school and have better opportunities in college or a wider education within society. I am very passionate about the education because it is something that I honestly believe will transform a lot of children's lives.

What is the importance of this scholarship to you?

I made the decision to obtain a university education due to my past experiences. The biggest factor is being a single mom; I knew that education was the only way to provide a better future for my daughter. However, money has been an issue for me, which is why I apply for as many scholarships as I can. I believe it is worth it to spend a little time applying for scholarships because they make a big difference in my life. I’m very thankful for the people who make this possible.
Having this scholarship opportunity is very important to me because as a single mom, I struggle a lot financially, therefore, this scholarship provides me with the economic help I need. I use this money to pay for my tuition and books. Having this economic support helps me to continue with my education along with pursuing my goals and dreams. I believe scholarships will not only assist me to be able to achieve my dreams as a student, but all other candidates as well who, just like me, are committed to the education of children.

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