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Who or what inspired you to become a teacher?

Excellent teachers made me want to be a teacher. Their dedication and skill made me want to continue in music. They gave me something that I love doing, and I want to share my love of music with the next generation of students.

What do you love about MSU Denver?

The music faculty members at MSU are amazing, and truly care about your education. They have encouraged me to do better than I thought I could, and make music a true expression of myself. I also love the dynamic atmosphere of campus. Everything you need to support your education is right on campus.

How do you see yourself making a difference in your community?

I want to teach and inspire students to make music, wherever they may be. Music can express that which we cannot put into words, and give voice to our inner-most feelings. I want to help the younger generations speak through music, that which they cannot quite say.

What is the importance of this scholarship to you?

I have worked all the way through my degree. I have a family, a wife and three beautiful children. It has taken so much effort to get this far, but with the aid of this scholarship, I have been able to focus on my student teaching, and for one semester, put my work on the back-burner, and work on becoming a more effective teacher from the beginning of my teaching career.

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