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2016-17 Scholarship Donor and Recipient Dinner

On Thursday, September 15, 2016, Metropolitan State University of Denver’s School of Education hosted its first ever Donor and Scholarship Recipient Dinner. The dinner brought together our generous scholarship donors with many of the 2016-17 scholarship recipients, and their guests, to celebrate the accomplishments of MSU Denver’s teacher candidates and the teaching profession. School of Education Dean, Dr. Elizabeth Hinde, and the School’s Scholarship Committee were honored to plan and participate.

Dr. Suzanne Dunshee Scholarship

Prior to her arrival at Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2001, Dr. Suzanne W. Dunshee spent over thirty years in the classroom. She established this scholarship with the purpose of providing for students who demonstrate or show promise of a similar level of dedication and diligence to future achievement in elementary education.

Pictured Above: Dean, Dr. Elizabeth Hinde with recipients Kaisha Kinslow and Crystal Dottenwhy

Marge Fisch Endowed Scholarship

Marge Fisch was a Language Arts teacher in Jefferson County and a mentor to other teachers. She established this scholarship in order to offer financial assistance to future teachers at the Middle School educational level. Middle School students present many challenges. This scholarship awards students who demonstrate understanding of the uniqueness of this age group and a high level of dedication to future achievement in education.

Pictured Above: Dean, Dr. Elizabeth Hinde and Donor Marge Fisch with recipients Ilyanna Kreske and Allison Joyce

Peierls Foundation Scholarship

The Peierls Scholarship is intended to address the identified financial needs of students who are in the last stages of preparing to be teachers, i.e. doing their student teaching. The Peierls Foundation highly values the contribution made by teachers in our community.

Pictured Above: Dean, Dr. Elizabeth Hinde and Donor Jeff Peierls with recipients Faith Richmond, Kathryn Arnall, Adam Viglione, Jennifer Hutnick, Kerri Gallo, and Emma Welton

Student National Education Association (SNEA) Scholarship

The SNEA Scholarship is intended to benefit any prospective student teacher seeking licensure at Metropolitan State University of Denver. The student may be degree seeking or just seeking licensure.

‌Pictured Above: Dean, Dr. Elizabeth Hinde with recipients Garrett Bradford and Katherine Shorten

The Salazar Family Scholarship

The Salazar Family Scholarship has been set up to provide financial assistance to students enrolled in education majors at MSU Denver.  The scholarship was set up by the Salazar family to assist Metropolitan State University of Denver students with scholarship support.

Pictured Above: Dean, Dr. Elizabeth Hinde with recipients Yasmin Aguilar, Zaira Gutierrez Sanchez, and Perla Flores-Frescas

Hannah Brooke Eppley Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Kyrie Eppley to provide support to Early Childhood Education students at Metropolitan State University of Denver who may be single parents with financial need. This scholarship honors Ms. Eppley’s daughter, Hannah, who was an unplanned child when she attended MSU Denver and was graciously awarded scholarships.

‌Pictured Above: Dean, Dr. Elizabeth Hinde with recipients Lindsey Fechner and Cristina Simental-Alvardo

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