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Scholarship Applications are closed. Please check back next spring for more opportunities to apply!

If you have general questions about SOE scholarships, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page. 

Cecelia A. Box Endowed Teaching Fellowship

This fellowship endowment is established in honor of Cecelia A. Box to provide financial support to outstanding full time students seeking professional teaching licensure.  Cecelia A. Box was an Associate Professor in the Secondary Education Department from 1993-1999. During that time, she observed first hand the challenges and sacrifices students faced carrying the full time commitment of student teaching, which, for so many, conflicted with their ability to support themselves at other jobs.  Students who complete a residency in place of student teaching may also apply for this scholarship.

Gartshore Finish Line Scholarship

The Gartshore Finish Line Scholarship provides financial assistance for undergraduate students in School of Education or College of Business programs who are found to be within 24 hours of degree completion and have a demonstrated financial need. Preference may be given to those that have exhausted Federal Pell and Loan eligibility.  Students must remain eligible to receive aid based on the MSU Denver Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy.

Please note: this award is offered externally and will not be available through AcademicWorks. 

Hannah Brooke Eppley Scholarship

The newly established Hannah Brooke Eppley Scholarship has been set up to provide financial assistance to Early Childhood Education majors at MSU Denver. The scholarship was set up by Kyrie Eppley, an alum of MSU Denver, to honor her daughter, Brooke, whom Kyrie raised as a single parent.  As an appreciative recipient of an academic scholarship while completing her undergraduate degree, Kyrie created the scholarship as a way of giving back to the MSU Denver Early Childhood community.

Preference will be given to single parents.

Jack and Fran Kaufman Scholarship for Student Teaching and Residency

This scholarship, established by former MSU Denver professors Fran and Jack Kaufman, provides financial support to students seeking professional teaching licensure during the semester(s) of their full-time student teaching or residency. Fran, an Associate Professor in the Secondary Education Department from 1993-1999 and Jack, an adjunct professor during this same time, observed first-hand the challenges and sacrifices students faced carrying the full-time commitment of student teaching, which, for so many, conflicted with their ability to support themselves financially.

Kappa Delta Pi Student Teaching Scholarship

To provide assistance for tuition, fees, books, or basic living costs (i.e. housing, food, childcare) to one or more highly motivated, outstanding student(s) who will be doing his/her student teaching.

The Pi Nu chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, an international teaching honor society in education, recognizes the financial strain often associated with student teaching for Metropolitan State University of Denver students and wishes to provide support for a talented student, preferably a member of Kappa Delta Pi, during this phase of their teacher education.

Preference will be given to Kappa Delta Pi members.

The Lynton “Starfish” Annual Scholarship

Mr. Richard Lynton has established The Lynton Starfish Annual Scholarship to support students during their critical final year, when in addition to their coursework they receive hands-on training through student teaching or residency. Mr. Lynton highly values how education can both promote one’s own personal growth and enhance an individual’s ability to positively affect the lives of others. The name of the Scholarship refers to the popular Starfish Story, in which a man is walking along a deserted beach after a powerful storm has washed up thousands of starfish. The tide is going out, and he notices a young boy who is picking up starfish, one at a time, and throwing them back in the ocean. When the man asks the boy why he is doing that, the boy replies that if he didn't the starfish would die for lack of oxygen. "But", says the man, "there are thousands on this beach, and this must be happening on hundreds of beaches along the coast. You can't possibly make a difference." The boy then smiles, bends down and picks up another starfish, and as he throws it back into the water he says "Made a difference to that one.”

Marge Fisch Endowed Scholarship

To provide assistance to students who intend to teach middle school, this scholarship is available until the student teaching semester.

The purpose of this scholarship is to offer financial assistance to future teachers at the Middle School educational level. Middle School students present many challenges and the teacher must understand the uniqueness of this age group. This special teacher should have a broad knowledge of his/her subject matter, a caring attitude, love of learning , knowledge of discipline and classroom management techniques, a sense of humor and a desire to make a difference in the lives of young people. Marge Fisch was a Language Arts teacher in Jefferson County and a mentor to other teachers.

Michael A. Bentley Endowed Memorial Scholarship

This fund has been established, at the request of Michael Bentley, with the goal of helping Adams City High School students successfully complete their first year of studies at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

The scholarship is offered to students who have graduated from Adams City High School and have been accepted to MSU, with the end goal of obtaining Colorado certification to teach science, math, technology or STEM.  The scholarship is offered through MSU Denver because of their First Year Success Program.  This program supports Mr. Bentley’s desire to assist these Adams City students in their first year and renewable each year thereafter if the student meets the established criteria.

Noyce U-STEM Scholarship

In recognition of the correlation between teacher quality, including mastery of content knowledge and student achievement, the National Science Foundation's Robert Noyce Scholarship Program, named for a pioneer of semiconductor development and founder of the semiconductor industry, seeks to encourage talented mathematics, science, and engineering students to pursue teaching careers.

Metropolitan State University of Denver mathematics and science majors who are becoming secondary teachers AND secondary education post-bacs in mathematics or science are invited to apply for U-STEM Scholarships. Scholarships cover a majority of the personal expense incurred with attendance at MSU Denver-- $5,000 (pre-student teaching) to $8,000 (during student teaching), for a maximum of four semesters of full time enrollment. Once a U-STEM Scholar is in the program, they will continue to receive scholarship funds each semester as long as they fulfill the service requirements of the scholarship, AND maintain good academic progress (minimum 2.75 GPA).



Peierls Student Teacher Scholarship

To provide assistance to students during their student teaching/residency semester(s).

This scholarship is established to address the identified financial needs of students who are in the last stages of preparing to be teachers, i.e. doing their student teaching or residency. During that time, they cannot be employed, which creates a significant burden on them. The Peierls Foundation wants to support them becoming teachers and reduce the financial stress and problems that affect many of these students. The foundation highly values the contribution made by teachers in our community.

Salazar Family Scholarship

To provide financial assistance to students enrolled in education majors at MSU Denver.

The scholarship was set up by the Salazar family to assist Metropolitan State University of Denver students with scholarship support.

School of Education Annual Scholarship

This scholarship is available to students enrolled in any School of Education program who are eligible for Student Teaching or the Residency Program. 

SNEA/Colorado Education Association @ MSU Denver Endowed Scholarship

To provide assistance annually to benefit any prospective student teacher or resident seeking licensure at Metropolitan State University of Denver. The student may be degree seeking or just seeking licensure.

Preference will be given to SNEA members.

Dr. Suzanne W. Dunshee Endowed Scholarship

To provide assistance to students planning to teach elementary education.

Prior to her arrival at Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2001, Dr. Suzanne W. Dunshee spent over thirty years in the classroom as an educator in the public school system. She considered public education to be the strongest forum for young individuals to cultivate and pursue their ambitions. This scholarship has been established with the purpose of providing for students in the study of elementary education who demonstrate a similar level of dedication and diligence to future achievement in public education.

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