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About the Economics Faculty

The National Collegiate Athletic Association - A Study in Cartel Behavior, by Arthur A. Fleisher the third, Brian L. Goff, and Robert D. Tollison Spoiled Rotten - Affluence, Anxiety, and Social Decay in America, by Brian Goff and Arthur A. Fleisher the third

Arthur A. Fleisher III, Ph.D. (Department Chair)

Professor Fleisher is the current Chair of the Economics Department in addition to teaching courses in Quantitative Methods in Economics, Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, Public Finance, Game Theory and Economic Approach to Politics and Principles of Microeconomics. He earned his Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University in 1987.

Dr. Fleisher co-authored The National Collegiate Athletic Association: A Study in Cartel Behavior (The University of Chicago Press, 1992) with Brian Goff and Robert D. Tollison and Spoiled Rotten: Affluence, Anxiety, and Social Decay in America (Westview Press, 1999) with Brian Goff. I have academic articles published in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Public Finance/Publique Finance, the European Journal of Political Economy, and the Japan Studies Association Journal among others.

His academic focus lies in research on public choice analysis of public policy and in explaining the political economy of post-WW II Japan. 

Doctor Arthur A. Fleisher III Current Semester Schedule

Doctor Mohammed Akacem

Mohammed Akacem, Ph.D.

Professor Akacem studied in Great Britain and received a B.A. Honors in Economics in 1976 and an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1979 and 1981 respectively. Dr. Akacem worked as an economist on research projects on world Oil Market issues at the International Center for Energy and Economic Development in Boulder, Colorado, before returning to teaching. He began his teaching career at the University of Colorado while a graduate student and later resumed it as a visiting faculty member. Dr. Akacem joined Metropolitan State University of Denver in 1991. He has received the Golden Key Award for research in 1998 and the Distinguished Service Award for the 2006-07 academic year. In addition to teaching, Dr. Akacem has published locally in The Rocky Mountain News, The Denver Post and The Denver Business Journal. His articles have also appeared nationally in the The Wall Street JournalThe Los Angeles TimesThe Washington Times, and The Christian Science Monitor, and overseas in Jeune Afrique (France). He has published in refereed journals in the areas of banking, finance, and energy. Professor Akacem teaches Money and Banking, Political Economy of the Middle East and North Africa and The Economics and Geopolitics of Oil among others. He started a Kuwait study abroad program for CU and MSU Denver students (Economics Politics and Society in the Middle East) and took students to Kuwait for the last three years. 

Doctor Mohammed Akacem Current Semester Schedule 

Doctor Nicolás Cachanosky

Nicolás Cachanosky, Ph.D.

Nicolás Cachanosky is an Associate Professor of Economics at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Professor Cachanosky earned his doctoral degree from Suffolk University in 2013. His dissertation was on the international transmission of business cycles in the context of the 2008 financial crisis.

His topics of interest are macroeconomics and business cycles, money and banking, history of economic thought and Austrian economics. Professor Cachanosky teaches Quantitative Methods in Economics, Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory, Money and Banking, International Macroeconomics and Principles of Macroeconomics at MSU Denver. 

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Doctor Nicolás Cachanosky Current Semester Schedule

Doctor Erick Erickson

Erick Erickson, Ph.D. (University of New Mexico)

Dr. Erickson is a professor of economics at MSU Denver. His teachings include Principles of Macroeconomics, Principles of Microeconomics and Economic History of the U.S. Professor Erickson is an expert on Postal History and Postal Economics, specializing in the study of postal price elastities, postal forecasting and the economics of international mail. During the calendar year of 2013, Dr. Erickson was employed as an Economic Analyist in the Division of Revenue and Volume Forecasting of the Department of Finance at the United States Postal Service Headquarters in Washington, DC, while on an unpaid leave of absence from MSU Denver. Professor Erickson has also made unique, archaeological contributions to the philatelic collection of the Smithsonian Postal Museum.

Doctor Erick Erickson Current Semester Schedule


 Doctor Christina Huber

Christina Huber, Ph.D.

Christina Huber is a Professor of Economics.  She earned her PhD in Economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Her main research interests include issues of maternal and child health in developing countries, economics of the family, and the scholarship of teaching and learning.  She has published in Demography, the Southern Economic Journal, and the Eastern Economic Journal, among others.  Dr. Huber also serves as the Director of the MSU Denver Center for Economic Education, which works closely with the Colorado Council for Economic Education to promote economic literacy among K-12 students. Professor Huber teaches Environmental Economics, Econometrics, Development Economics and Principles of Microeconomics at MSU Denver. 

Doctor Christina Huber Current Semester Schedule 

Doctor Kishore Kulkarni

Kishore Kulkarni, Ph.D.

Dr. Kulkarni grew up in Pune, India, and despite facing odds, he secured First Rank in B.A. (Economics) Examination (1974) and Second Rank in M.A. (Economics) Examination (1976) of the University of Poona (Pune).   After receiving teaching assistantship to study at the University of Pittsburgh, he completed M.A. (Economics, 1978) and Ph.D. (Economics, 1982) degrees.  He has been teaching Principles and Intermediate Macro- Micro, International Economics and Monetary Economics related courses since 1978.  Prof. Kulkarni has worked with University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown, University of Central Arkansas, University of Louisiana-Monroe, University of Colorado-Boulder, Colorado School of Mines, Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver, and Metropolitan State University of Denver.  In all these institutions, students have rated him as one of the best and outstanding professors.  Others have praised his teaching style in different ways. He received the “Outstanding Teaching Award” by Golden Key International Honor Society in 2001.  He was selected to teach in the Semester at Sea Program of University of Pittsburgh in spring 1994, he has attended Oxford University Round Table Conference (U.K.) in summer 2005, and has made numerous lecture visits to India.  His unsaturated love, unlimited energy and enthusiasm for teaching make his classes exciting, entertaining and rewarding

Prof. Kulkarni’s prolific research record has produced over 115 journal articles and 8 books. His first book, “Principles of Macro-Monetary Theory” (5th Edition) Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, (2009) has been used as a textbook in USA since 1986.  He has co-edited (with Penelope Prime) book on India and China (Serials Publications, 2007) that was used in a class at Harvard University.  Prof. Kulkarni has also edited books on Readings in International Economics (Serials Publications, New Delhi, Third Edition, 2011) and Readings in International Economic Development (Matrix Publishers, New Delhi, 2010 and second volume in 2012)

His simple and understandable writing methods have earned him “Outstanding Researcher/Scholar Award” of Golden Key International Honor Society in 1997 and “Outstanding Contributions to Professional Development Area Awards” of the School of Business of Metropolitan State University of Denver from 1996 to 2004.  For all the professional and service contributions, he was also given “Distinguished Service to the College and Community” Award by the Faculty Senate of the MSU Denver in 2004.  In 2010 the Metropolitan State University of Denver recognized him by Extraordinary Service to the College Award for the exemplary contributions in several fields. This was followed by “Distinguished Professor” award given by the School of Business Dean in 2012.

Prof. Kulkarni is the founding Editor (with Bansi Sawhney) of Indian Journal of Economics and Business ( that is managed by Serials Publications, New Delhi, and is a refereed international journal. More information about Professor Kulkarni’s activities can be found at

Doctor Kishore Kulkarni Current Semester Schedule

Doctor Alexandre Padilla

Alexandre Padilla, Ph.D.

Alex Padilla is an Associate Professor of Economics at Metropolitan State University of Denver. He obtained his Doctorate in Economics in 2003at the University Paul Cezanne in France.  Dr. Padilla teaches Intermediate Microeconomics, Law & Economics, Industrial Organization, Public Finance and the Economics of Vice. He has published several academic articles on insider trading.  His current research involves studying self-governance mechanisms in non-traditional industries with a special focus on the adult film industry.

Alex Padilla is also the Director of the Exploring Economic Freedom Project at the Metropolitan State College of Denver. The Exploring Economic Freedom Project is dedicated to educate students and the general public about the role of economic and political freedom in promoting entrepreneurship, economic growth, prosperity, and peace. 

Alex Padilla has also published op-eds in the Denver Post, the Tampa Bay Tribune, the Daily Caller, and the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. He has also appeared on several local TV channel such as Fox 31, CW2, and 9News to discuss topics related to immigration, the housing market, the economic impact of the flood in Colorado, or the economics of daylight savings.

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