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An ongoing list of the exciting things we are up to in MSU Denver's meteorology program

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AMS 100 in Boston

Students and Dr. Ng gather around the AMS 100 sign

Students, two recent alumni, and Dr. Ng pose with the American Meteorological Society's 100 year sign at the conference in Boston in January 2020.  

Talk about the Weather

Read "Talk about the Weather," an article in MSU Denver RED on our Broadcast Meteorology Alumni.  

Chris Spears on air

Graduation December 2019

Our graduates are doing exciting things!  Michelle Spencer graduated in December 2019 and started graduate school at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Dr. Wagner's alma mater.  Also pictured is Ryan Matoush, a recent graduate who is an on-air broadcast meteorologist in Wyoming.  Erin Robertson (alumna) and Amber Wolfe (student) came to support Michelle on her special day.  Not pictured is Brianne Andersen who started her first semester of graduate school in spring of 2020 at the University of Wisconsin Madison, both Dr. Schuenemann and Dr. Wagner's alma mater.  

Michelle Spencer Graduation

Dr. Schuenemann, Ryan Matoush, Michelle Spencer, Erin Robertson, Amber Wolffe

Meteorology Course Observes Severe Weather

New Broadcast Meteorology Course in Spring 2019

Professor and CBS4 Meteorologist Chris Spears is offering MTR/JRN 290A:  Broadcast Meteorology.  It will be Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:30-1:45 in the Auraria Media Center where the class will have access to the green screen and the MAX computer system for creating weather imagery!  This will count as a meteorology elective.

You will learn how to…

  • develop a weather forecast
  • build graphics to tell your weather story using the Max computer
  • present weather on live TV using the green screen
  • do live weather reports from the field
  • and much, much more including valuable adlib/improv skills and how to interact with other members of a news operation, such as anchors, producers and directors

Students, Alumni, and Faculty attend American Meteorological Society Conference in Phoenix in early January

Erin Regan presenting her poster at AMS in Phoenix 2019


A few alumni in Phoenix for AMS 2019


Students with Dr. Ng at the AMS banquet in Phoenix 2019


Alumni get together Phoenix AMS 2019


Andrew Schwartz Phoenix AMS 2019


Students at AMS Phoenix poster session 2019


Megan Franke poster AMS Phoenix 2019


Michelle Spencer poster AMS Phoenix 2019

 Congratulations Fall 2018 Graduates!

 Fall 2018 Graduation


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