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Meteorology Alumni

We try to keep in touch with our alumni via a Facebook group.  If you are interested in seeing occasionally job postings, weather discussions, and invites to social events, please join the Facebook group.

Josh in front of a green screen at work
"The Meteorology program at MSU Denver helped me gain the confidence necessary to forecast for a large audience. I’m now a broadcast meteorologist and storm chaser at KMTR NBC 16 News in Eugene, OR. I would not have had this opportunity without the support from my fellow meteorology students and amazing professors."

Josh Cozart

Broadcast meteorologist at KMTR NBC 16 News in Eugene, OR

Photos of Alumni Celebrations at AMS

Alumni gathering Boston AMS 2020

AMS Boston 2020 Alumni Gathering

 Alumni Wendy and others Boston 2020 AMS

AMS Boston 2020, Classes of '85 and '86:  Lyn Reum Neilley, Bruce Thomas, Wendy Abshire

Alumni get together Phoenix AMS 2019

 AMS Phoenix 2019


A few alumni in Phoenix for AMS 2019

 AMS Phoenix 2019


Andrew Schwartz Phoenix AMS 2019

Phoenix AMS 2019


AMS Austin Alumni 2018

AMS Ausin 2018


Seattle AMS 2017 Alumni 

AMS Seattle 2017


Alumni get together at AMS New Orleans 2016

AMS New Orleans 2016


Advanced Synoptic Class 2016Advanced Synoptic Class 2016

 Alumni AMS 2015 Phoenix

AMS 2015 Phoenix


AMS 2013 Alumni

AMS 2013

AMS 2013 Alumni

AMS 2013


AMS 2012 New Orleans Alumni

AMS 2012 New Orleans

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