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Our department advisor is Chivonne Torres ( or 303-605-5967).  Professors Dr. Parr or Dr. Todd are also here to advise you, particularly once you get into the major courses.  Once you are settled in, we recommend visiting with someone each semester as you pick your courses for the next semester.  You can email them to make an appointment or drop in during office hours.  Please look over your Degree Progress Report regularly to make sure you are on track.  You can find schedules, Calendars, and Catalogs on the Student Hub page.

A picture of Chivonne

Chivonne Torres
EAS Academic Advisor and Retention Specialist

(303) 605-5967

Position Role:
Full-Time Staff

Office Location:

Office Number:

Office Hours:

Due to COVID-19, advising appointments can be done over the phone or through a video call.  

Advising Appointment Options:

Please indicate which option works best for you (in the notes section) when scheduling your appointment.

1) Phone Advising
I will be able to call you for an appointment over the phone. Please provide the phone number you would like to be reached at. I will call you for your scheduled appointment.

2) Virtual Advising
I will send you a link to connect online for a video call appointment using Microsoft Teams. Please check your email the day of your appointment to make sure you receive the video call link. Using this option will allow me to share my desktop with you so we are both viewing the same documents at the same time.

How to make an advising appointment:

You can schedule an appointment online through the Student Hub.

Technology to Download:

Navigate Student app (download from your phone’s respective app store) - This app allows you to schedule advising appointments by clicking on the purple circle labeled Appointments

Microsoft Teams-

How to get started using Microsoft Teams:

  1. Go to the Student Hub and click on Email
  2. Click the “waffle” in the upper left corner
  3. Under “apps”, find “Teams”
  4. Click the “Download Teams for Desktop” link in the bottom left-hand corner
  5. Install Teams for your operating system (Windows or OSX). Mobile apps are available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 10 from their respective app stores 

Campus Box Number:

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