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"After graduate school, I hope to travel internationally to work on water quality issues. I’ve got so many options due to the quality of my degree and the experience gained through my internship.”

Emelie Möllersten

Former student who interned at Denver Botanic Gardens

Wendy working with people
"Working through earning a BS degree in Meteorology from MSU not only helped to satisfy my deep curiosity about the world around me, it also simultaneously allowed me to land a student assistant job at NCAR. These things together opened many doors, prepared me for grad school in atmospheric science, and launched my incredibly rewarding career focused on education of others in weather ocean, and climate science."

Wendy Abshire

Education Program Director at American Meteorological Society

Josh in front of a green screen at work
"The Meteorology program at MSU Denver helped me gain the confidence necessary to forecast for a large audience. I’m now a broadcast meteorologist and storm chaser at KMTR NBC 16 News in Eugene, OR. I would not have had this opportunity without the support from my fellow meteorology students and amazing professors."

Josh Cozart

Broadcast meteorologist at KMTR NBC 16 News in Eugene, OR

Alex sitting at the weather desk
"Studying meteorology at MSU Denver honed my curiosity for the atmosphere. The comprehensive knowledge given to me created an opportunity for me to explore ANY career in meteorology. I chose to pursue broadcasting and really enjoy sharing my weather passion with the general public."

Alex O'Brien

Meteorologist at KOAA News 5, Colorado Springs, CO

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