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Faculty Instructions


As a faculty member at MSU Denver, you have the best and earliest perspective on a student’s ability to complete the course work necessary for your class. Your role is to identify students who may need assistance or who excel academically, and serve as part of a network of early intervention and support. Your participation is integral in meeting the programs goals and the University’s strategic plan.

Faculty can start providing attendance feedback on students during the 2nd week of the semester. Faculty will be requested to provide feedback on students’ performance via a progress report between the 4th and 8th week of the semester. This allows faculty members with varying course requirements and timelines to provide feedback during a time that works with their class schedule, yet still provides early enough information for timely intervention. Faculty members teaching self-paced courses should use their best judgment to determine any attendance and/or performance concerns during the Early Alert process.

  • Faculty members initiate attendance feedback starting the 2nd week of the semester through the feedback system in SSC.
  • Faculty members initiate performance feedback starting the 4th week of the semester through the feedback system in SSC.
  • The feedback provides students with a formal notification regarding concerns in the classroom and recommended next steps.
  • Timely notifications are emailed out to students through SSC throughout the 6-week period.
  • The alerts will be monitored regularly by academic and student affairs departments and follow up by faculty and staff will be conducted with students, as needed.
  • Faculty and staff members can look up individual students in SSC during advising sessions to see if he/she has an alert for the current semester.

Please view the following Early Alert video tutorials for an overview of the Early Alerts and step-by step instruction on  Early Alerts: Attendance and Progress Reports:

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How Do I Complete a Progress Report?


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