MSU Denver

As Metropolitan State University of Denver’s transition to Workday nears, managers should prepare to lead employees through the change by reading the Workday Leader, a monthly resource with updates and tips for managers on how to best support themselves and their employees through the Workday transition.  

Workday Leader

November’s Workday Leader includes valuable project updates and information about what managers can do to help their teams embrace change initiatives. 

The Workday Leader is accessible in the Manager Resources folder of the Workday Transformation Team SharePoint site. Managers should consistently check the monthly newsletter folder for updates. 

Workday training coming in December

Workday end-user training is set to begin in December and will continue throughout January, ensuring that all employees will have access to the knowledge they need to use the Workday system effectively. Training timing is strategic to allow for maximum learner knowledge retainment. Training will cover the various aspects and functionalities of the system for all types of users and will be provided through a blended approach that includes:  

  • Job aids  
  • Videos and demonstrations 
  • Instructor-led webinars, which these will be hosted for regular users of more complex tasks 

For most users, job aids will supply the information they need to successfully navigate the Workday system.

User Experience Sessions

Currently the training team is wrapping up User Experience Sessions with approximately 100 MSU Denver employees. Based on user feedback from these sessions, training materials will be adjusted to maximize knowledge retention and improve learner experience. Sessions are the final step before end-user Workday training can be finalized and prepped for distribution in December. 

Additional resources

More training information, including training sessions dates, will be released after fall break. In the meantime, employees can view Workday demos and the Lunch & Learn recordings in the Videos and Demos folders of the Workday Transformation Team in Microsoft Teams.