MSU Denver

Metropolitan State University of Denver joins over 750 other academic institutions and training programs by purchasing a new video-submission assessment tool, GoReact, to help faculty members deliver quick and efficient feedback to students.

Giving personalized feedback takes a great deal of time and effort, but with tools designed to streamline observation and assessment, faculty members can quickly and easily deliver the right feedback at the right time (that is, anytime).  

Over 750 academic institutions and training programs use GoReact to facilitate scalable video observation, coaching and assessment in the full range of disciplines. The tool is commonly used in Human Services, Hospitality, Education, STEM and Business classes.

Use GoReact to:

  • Give feedback faster in real time or asynchronously. 
  • See what’s working with analytics and user reports. 
  • Implement and manage video-based feedback with little complexity. 

GoReact humanizes and simplifies skills-based learning through a proven combination of video and feedback. With simple, flexible tools for experiential learning, GoReact helps learners develop and demonstrate skill competency while also increasing human interaction and connection within some course modalities.  

Visit the GoReact description page for more details or to request a demo, and review the Center for Teaching, Learning and Design tutorial Use GoReact to Provide Feedback when you are ready to implement it.