As announced in a previous Early Bird, Metropolitan State University of Denver has begun a major initiative to modernize the University’s network environment.  

Vendor selected: After reviewing responses to the initiative’s Request for Proposal, MSU Denver will be assisted by Lewan and Associates with the implementation of new equipment in campus buildings. 

Phase 1 buildings: Central Classroom, West Classroom and the Jordan Student Success Building will be the first buildings to be upgraded. MSU Denver Information Technology Services and the Auraria Higher Education Center will work in these buildings through the end of the year to complete Phase 1. Most of AHEC’s work is scheduled from February to May, and most of IT Services’ work is scheduled for this fall and next winter. 

Upgrade scheduling: To ensure that there are no interruptions to daily operations, project staff is creating upgrade schedules for each building that focus on weekends, scheduled campus closures and other times when classes are not in session, including times between classes, if needed. Project leads have already engaged with building representatives to inform them of the equipment upgrades and coordinate schedules. 

On track for Phase 2: Due to equipment delays caused by supply-chain problems, the first phase of the upgrade may stretch through the end of the year, past the original timeline of June 30. However, Phase 2 will not be delayed even if Phase 1 is not complete, and Phase 2’s equipment will be ordered in the next fiscal year as soon as building analysis is finished and funding is approved. 

This will be a significant initiative in terms of scope, time and effort, as well as overall benefits for the University. Throughout this important transition, ITS will keep the campus community informed, so please continue to watch the Early Bird for updates. You can also check the official Network Modernization Initiative page for all of the most recent information.