The Metropolitan State University of Denver Office of Cashiering has implemented new Deposit Transmittal Forms to adapt to the University’s Workday requirements.  

The Deposit Transmittal Form allows the Office of Cashiering to deposit money into specific Worktags within Workday. To access these forms, please visit the website and click on the “Policies & Forms” link at the top.  

There are two new deposit forms: one for student organizations and one for departments.  Both forms include sections for taxable and nontaxable revenue. Please be sure to read the instructions and complete each section as thoroughly as possible to expedite processing.  

Please keep in mind that Reference IDs are required for deposit processing. Reference IDs are codes related to Worktags (examples of Reference IDs are provided in the taxable-revenue section of each form). If you need assistance determining the correct Reference IDs for your deposit, please use the “UNDERSTANDING REFERENCE IDS” job aid or reach out to the Office of the Controller at 303-615-0039 for additional information. 

Older versions are now considered outdated and will no longer be processed.  

If you have any questions or need other assistance with these new forms, please feel free to contact the Office of Cashiering at 303-615-0071 or visit the Jordan Student Success Building, Room 140 (Area 5).