There are so many reasons to be excited about the new Workday system coming soon. Workday will simplify how work gets done at Metropolitan State University of Denver by combining Human Resources and Finance functionality into one single, inclusive system that is easy to use.  

Moving to Workday means going to 100% digital processes. As a result, no more paper forms to deal with when submitting time and requesting leave. Here are a few changes that employees can look forward to.

  • Electronic time sheets: Nonexempt employees, including classified and student employees, will be able to fill out their time sheets electronically, using an easy check-in and checkout time-tracking feature, which means more accurate time sheets.
  • No more overlapping hours: Student employees working multiple jobs will not have to deal with overlapping hours. The Workday system will manage hours for each role and ensure that they are coded appropriately.  
  • Leave requests made simple: Submitting leave requests will be electronic and automatically routed to the appropriate supervisor for approval. Once approved, employees will be notified. The process to request leave will be easy and quick.
  • Upload documentation easily: Leave requests that require documentation will be fully managed electronically. 
    • Employees will be able to upload any needed documentation directly in Workday and in the corresponding leave request. Employees will no longer have to send the documentation separately via email
  • Projecting leave is a breeze: Workday will automatically calculate employees’ projected leave balance, so planning for upcoming vacations will be easier than ever. Workday will take the guesswork out of the planning, and employees can ditch the Excel sheets they may be using to track and calculate their leave balance. 
  • No longer a month’s lag: After Workday launches, leave time will move to the current month versus being one month behind, allowing more accurate leave-balance views.  
  • Whole team leave view: Managers will be able to view time off for their entire team in one snapshot using the “My Team Absence” calendar, which will help with planning and help meet business needs. 

Bonus: Most of these tasks may also be managed through the Workday mobile app, making time-tracking a snap. Stay tuned for more Workday news and updates.