MSU Denver

FindTime is a feature in the Metropolitan State University of Denver Office 365 environment that allows users to quickly and easily set up group meetings through Outlook. When composing an email message to multiple recipients, you can open FindTime to automatically generate a list of times when everyone on the message is available, based on their availability in their Outlook calendar and the desired meeting duration. If there are multiple time slots when people are available, you can also create a poll to allow attendees to vote on their preferred times — and if a consensus is reached, a meeting invitation can be created automatically. 

FindTime is available for all MSU Denver faculty members, staff members and even students and is available on the web, Windows and Mac. Please see Information Technology Services’ knowledge-based article What is FindTime? for information on how to use this handy tool.  

Outlook has other tools to help streamline and simplify work processes too — and more are being developed all the time. Microsoft recently announced a new feature for the web version of Outlook, Bookings in Outlook, a customizable web-based personal bookings page that allows for easier appointment scheduling without the need to share personal calendars. ITS looks forward to sharing more information about Bookings in Outlook once it’s available, so please stay tuned to the Early Bird.