MSU Denver

Banner Self-Service 9 (SSB9) Faculty Module will go live April 22. The upgrade will provide a modern, updated user interface along with several features to help make the lives of Metropolitan State University of  Denver’s distinguished faculty members easier.  

Some highlights include: 

  • Navigation: A new landing page will provide easy access to functionality, with a new four-square menu replacing the existing tab structure. 
  • Grade Entry: An improved grade-entry system will allow rosters to be exported and grades to be imported directly from spreadsheets. 
  • Attendance Tracking: A dedicated attendance-tracking module will make it easier to document student attendance, improving accuracy and business processes. 
  • Class Lists: Faculty members will be able to export and print class rosters; review their students’ academic profiles, schedules and registration history; and communicate with students via email. 
  • Preferred Names: Faculty members will now see their students’ preferred names on class rosters. 

Daily virtual demos will be provided April 4-8 to showcase the new look and features. Please check the SSB9 Upgrade Initiative page for demo dates and times, as well as links to join the meetings.

The Office of the Registrar will offer additional training sessions after the upgrade is live and will provide updated grading guides on their website when available.