The Metropolitan State University of Denver Staff Senate met May 9, led by President Rebecca Reid, Innovation and Transformation analyst for Human Resources. 

Guest speakers 

  • Will Simpkins, Ed.D., vice president for Student Affairs, gave an overview of the Student Affairs Strategic Plan. 
  • Reid, along with Larry Sampler, chief operating officer and vice president of Administration, discussed what shared governance means and the role the Staff Senate plays. Shared governance helps to fill the gap between employees and senior leaders, and inclusive leadership is actively seeking input from people who don’t typically share their voice. The important role played by the Staff Senate is voting to make decisions, which are then presented as recommendations to senior leaders and the Board of Trustees. 

Committee updates 


  • The Staff Senate held a successful Mug Club/Happiest Hour on May 18 at the Tivoli. 
  • There was a working session Monday with the newly elected senators. 

University Planning and Budget Advisory Committee: 

  • The University is considering increasing tuition by 5%. 
  • The University Planning and Budget Advisory Committee has submitted its recommendation for pay increases of either 4% or $2,800.  
  • The compensation increase will go into effect in July rather than October if there is an increase. 
  • A full UPBAC report can be found here. 

Senate Policy Review: 

  • The committee met with Human Resources, the Equal Opportunity Office and legal to discuss the employee complaint policy, whether it will be brought back and what additions are needed, if any. 


  • The Restructuring Task Force has been meeting regularly and will have a proposal ready to vote on at the next Staff Senate meeting.  
  • Elections ended May 11, and new staff senators can be found here. 

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion 

  • There will be a discussion at Monday’s Staff Senate Working Session regarding JEDI professional development within the Staff Senate. 

Up next 

The next Staff Senate meeting will take place June 13 at 10 a.m. for the final time under Reid’s leadership.