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Filling in for President Janine Davidson, Ph.D., Provost Alfred W. Tatum, Ph.D., welcomed attendees to the September meeting of the President’s Cabinet by highlighting last week’s Fall Welcome Back. The event drew more than 400 in-person attendees and 300 online viewers and included an overview of Workday and the presentation of the 2022 Teaching Excellence Awards.

Roadrunner Shoutout Award winners

Tatum also announced the September Roadrunner Shoutout Award winners. Join senior leaders in congratulating the following outstanding Roadrunners, who are honored in greater depth in today’s Early Bird: 

  • Faculty winner — Michala Stock, Ph.D., associate professor of Anthropology and director of the Human Identification Laboratory 
  • Staff winner — Robert (Bob) Mager, budget analyst for the Dean’s Office in the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences  
  • Student-employee winner — Dallice Tressider, assistant to the College of Health and Applied Sciences’ Advising Office   

Classroom to Career Hub Industry Partnerships presentation 

Maluwa Behringer, director of industry partnerships for the Classroom to Career Hub, outlined her team’s progress toward the goal of ensuring that every MSU Denver student has equitable access to pursue their career ambitions through purposeful employer engagement, programs and opportunities.  

Among the team’s accomplishments over the past year: 

  • 60% growth in number of students using Career Link (9,000-plus students now engaged). 
  • 11% growth in student participation in employer-related career events and programs (5,000-plus students now engaged). 
  • 50% increase in jobs posted to Career Link website (7,000-plus jobs now posted). 

Additionally, the team has seen 65% growth in industry partners over the past two years, with 4,000 industry partners now engaged. 

Behringer also touted the C2 Hub’s top 10 signature partnerships, programs and events: 

  • COMPASS professional mentoring in partnership with Student Engagement and New Skills Readiness Initiative. 
  • Comcast sponsorship of the Cybersecurity Certification Club (C3). 
  • The Presidential Internship Program. 
  • The DaVita Ambassador Scholarship program in partnership with the Health Institute and Advancement. 
  • The Industry Partnerships Advisory Board kicked off with over 20 leaders across 14 industries. 
  • The ActivateWork cybersecurity apprenticeship collaboration in partnership with Richard MacNamee. 
  • Construction Career Day. 
  • Advanced Manufacturing Day. 
  • Denver Public Library Archival Apprenticeships in partnership with Anthropology and History Departments. 
  • VF Corp. Virtual Career Day in partnership with Industrial Design Department. 

The team’s focus for 2022-23 includes initiatives to: 

  • Develop and align industry-specific relationship-management strategies. 
  • Collaborate with faculty and advisors to encourage student engagement.  
  • Leverage the advisory board to develop innovative models to get students into entry-level jobs while at MSU Denver (apprenticeships, co-ops etc.). 

Stay tuned for more details for partnerships in development. 

Policy presentation

Mike Hart provided an overview of the proposed revisions to the president’s operational policy on Email and Electronic Communications Security.  

Major updates from a broad and inclusive group of collaborators include that:  

  • Personal email addresses may not be used for official University communications between MSU Denver employees and students, with some exceptions to conduct official University business such as communicating to prospective students, applicants and newly admitted students regarding admissions, registration, and tuition and fees.  
  • Automatic forwarding of all University email to a personal account is not allowed, but manual forwarding of individual University emails to personal accounts is permitted if this sharing doesn’t involve confidential information, in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and other applicable privacy laws.  
  • A change was made to the approvals required before an MSU Denver employee’s or student’s email may be inspected for potential policy violations. Clarification was added that content and activity are scanned by Information Technology Services.  
  • Minor adjustments were made to punctuation and grammar. 

After follow-up questions concerning access and ensuring that students’ communication avenues and options will not be significantly impacted, members voted unanimously to approve the policy and advance it to Davidson. 

Presentation from the Student Advocacy Council 

Student Advocacy Councilor Paul Nelson provided an overview of the group’s major achievements to date as well as its goals for the academic year. Included were the passage of resolutions: 

  • To preserve and enhance public comment. 
  • To condemn the U.S. Supreme Court decisions in Dobbs vs. Jackson and Oklahoma vs. Castro-Huerta.  
  • To provide the Budget Committee with the powers to make small fiscal allocations.  
  • To adopt the name “Student Government: The Student Advocacy Council.”  
  • For an accountable council. 
  • To declare and facilitate 2022 Student Advocacy Council co-chair elections. 
  • To acquire and distribute school supplies. 
  • To amend governing documents. 
  • To allocate money for purchasing swag.  
  • To renew support for efforts to suspend classes on Election Day.

Finally, the group requested more visibility for Land Acknowledgement and greater communication around the Native and Indigenous Peoples’ Grant.  

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