In support of the Metropolitan State University Denver mission, Human Resources is responsible for a number of employee-focused areas, including the management, oversight and coordination of all benefits. MSU Denver is proud to offer a variety of valuable benefits, which the Human Resources team will highlight regularly in the new Know Your Benefits series. 

The focus in this edition of Know Your Benefits will be on mental health, behavioral health and general wellness and well-being – and the many great resources available to support everyone. 

Visit the BeneCenter

The best place to learn more about the wide variety of benefits available to most MSU Denver employees (specifically employees who are benefits-eligible and participating in the Colorado Higher Education Insurance Benefits Alliance) is the BeneCenter website, which is also linked on the Human Resources SharePoint page. The login information is directly under the “Welcome to Your Employee Benefits” portal.  

Username: cheiba
Password: msudenver 

Behavioral-health resources are under the “Medical and Prescription Information” tab.  

Meru Health 

Meru Health is an online mental-health care provider helping to improve mental health long-term by treating anxiety, depression and burnout. The entire program is conveniently accessible through a smartphone and is 100% confidential. The 12-week program includes daily text support from a licensed therapist, a biofeedback device, anonymous peer and psychiatrist support, mindfulness practices and habit-changing activities for sleep, nutrition and more.  

Meru Health treatment video 


Behavioral Health Resource Guide 

Along with inpatient and outpatient benefits, MSU Denver employees have full access to behavioral-health resources. See this quick, easy resource for finding community support, understanding your Anthem/CHEIBA behavioral-health benefits and programs, and learning about counseling, referrals and more provided through the Colorado State Employee Assistance Program (C-SEAP). 


Anthem LiveHealth Online Psychiatry 

Employees also can see a board-certified psychiatrist to help manage medications. This resource outlines the benefits of the free LiveHealth Online Psychiatry services and how to get started. 


Resource Advisor 

Resource Advisor is a member-assistance program that’s included with employees’ life and/or disability benefit. Counselors can provide resources and services to support you and your household family members with managing stress, anxiety, depression, illness, relationship or family issues, finding child care, parenting and more. Resources are available by phone, in person and via video chat. 

To learn more about specific employee benefits, please contact a member of the Total Rewards team by emailing [email protected].