The Health Center at Auraria is now offering the JYNNEOS monkeypox vaccine at no cost to eligible Auraria Campus students and faculty and staff members.   

Due to a nationwide shortage of the JYNNEOS vaccine, only eligible individuals may be vaccinated against the monkeypox virus at this time. 

Those eligible for immunization include anyone who:  

Has had close physical contact with someone who has been diagnosed with monkeypox in the past 14 days.    

○ Has had multiple sexual partners within the past 14 days.  

○ Has had sexual partners they did not previously know within the past 14 days.  

○ Has had close physical contact with other people in a venue where anonymous or group sex may occur within the last 14 days.  

○ Was diagnosed with gonorrhea or syphilis in the past three months.  

○ Already uses or is eligible for HIV PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), medication to prevent HIV infection (e.g., Truvada, Descovy or Apretude).  

○ Engages in commercial and/or transactional sex (e.g., sex in exchange for money, shelter, food and other goods or needs).   

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment will continue to revisit criteria for monkeypox vaccination. Eligibility may continue to change as supply from the federal government increases. 

Individuals who are interested in being vaccinated against monkeypox and fall into one of the above categories may follow this link to complete the eligibility questionnaire.  

Once your eligibility questionnaire is complete, a member of the immunization team at the Health Center at Auraria will contact you to schedule an appointment. Please allow 24 business hours to receive this call.  

Members of the campus community who have specific questions or concerns can seek information and equitable, inclusive health services through the Health Center at Auraria. Anyone who is experiencing fear, anxiety or stigma related to the monkeypox virus can contact the Counseling Center or the LGBTQ Student Resource Center.   

For more information about monkeypox in Colorado, visit the CDPHE website.